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The Project Brief - Rugger Kids is a tag rugby club for children in Staines. When the new owners purchased the company in 2013, the website was little more than a landing page for contact details. The brief was very open, they wanted a whole new look, I was asked to create something special to represent them online, something interesting and fun that would drive more business.

"Matt did a fantastic job when redesigning the Rugger Kids website. With a very limited brief he has built a fun and functional website beyond anything we could have imagined…”

Louise Clancy
Lead Coach | Rugger Kids

The Solution - After reading the requirements I had a flood of ideas and with such an open brief I was free to play. I chose to apply a fresh and brightly coloured theme to mirror the club's kit and the outdoor element of the business. My cartoon style was a perfect fit for a children's club.

I built pages to introduce the company, the coaches and to outline the services provided by the club. To handle customer enquiries, I built a page of FAQs and set-up a PHP contact form to direct email to the coaches. In order to drive more business and improve Rugger Kids' online presence I registered the company with Google and some local directories, I also set-up social media pages and shared with individuals in the local area.

Here's the fun part. I design a collection of colourful bouncing rugby balls for the header buttons and revamped the company logo in my own style. I also created a caricature of Leo the Lion, the lovable company mascot.

Visit Rugger Kids concept website.

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